Yes to Life! Personal Growth Program

“Major shifts occurred for me during this group. It was a continual reminder to experience the present moment. I have a greater sense of hope and possibility and a deeper appreciation for my life. I feel more alive, and am accepting the limitations and living the possibilities.” — “Yes to Life!” Participant

how to live this year as if it were your last

When someone you love passes away or you yourself are confronted with an illness, crisis or major transition, it can remind you of the impermanence of life. It can make you stop and think, “Am I making the most of my life?” What if today were your last day on earth? Would you want to do what you are about to do today?

In the busyness of our daily lives, it is hard to find space for these deeper questions and to explore them at the level they deserve. In The Yes to Life! Program, you will have the space, time and support to consider the questions that will help you live your life more fully.

Who is this for?

Anyone in transition who wants to re-evaluate his or her life including:

  • People in midlife or older
  • Survivors of cancer or another serious illness
  • Anyone grieving the loss of a loved one who feels the need to re-envision their own priorities in living.

This program is offered to organizations and small groups on request. Participants meet monthly over the course of a year. Individual sessions can also be arranged, using the same materials and experiential exercises that are covered in the course.

Benefits of the Program
  • Feel safe to explore life’s deeper questions in a small facilitated group
  • Come to peace with death to experience more joy in life
  • Review priorities and establish life affirming goals
  • Get inspired to move into the unknown with courage and hope
About The Yes to Life! Program

The program is based on the work of Stephen Levine. In his powerful book, A Year to Live, Levine writes about his own year long experiment in healing and renewal.

In his 30 years of working with the dying, he realized how unprepared most people are for their own death, and equally important, how unprepared we are even to be present to our own lives.

For him, living a year in awareness of his own death was a year of completion, clarity, insight and closure.

In The Yes to Life! Program, using Levine’s book as a guide, we will explore how we each may resolve our denial of death as well as our denial of life, with awareness and compassion.

Our aim is to confront the limits of our time here, grow clear on our priorities, examine our choices and make new ones that affirm what is most meaningful and important to us, so we can live fully and wholeheartedly.


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