From Clients:

I have become someone who likes and supports myself and have achieved goals far greater than I ever even dreamed of. With Alidra’s help I have built a life I hadn’t thought was possible.”

(Financial Analyst and Creative Writer)


I immediately felt safe with Alidra. She has that special presence that allowed us to move quickly into the issues I had brought to work on. I see more clearly and am making better decisions and am trusting my gut intuition. I have developed a compassion towards myself I hadn’t thought was possible.”

(Financial Fund Director and CEO)


I appreciated Alidra’s insight, suggestions, patience and thoughtfulness with me over the past few months. She helped me understand my own internal struggles and emotional hurdles and enabled me to see struggles that others may be experiencing as well. She armed me with new techniques I now use on my own and has put me in touch with my body, new territory for me. I’m so thankful for this wonderfully positive experience.”

(Corporate Communications Director)


I have made more progress in 6 months and more enjoyed the process than in many years spent with other counselors.”

(IT Manager)


Ms. Solday’s meetings with my mother have been very helpful to her. She is much less anxious and went through the latest round of chemo quite easily.”

(Clinical Psychologist)


From Colleagues:

What impresses me about Alidra is that after 35 years of experience, she is continually innovating and evolving creative ways of working with people to make therapy more accessible, alive, efficient and  applicable to daily life. A seasoned and sophisticated therapist, and a highly esteemed colleague, she is one-of-a-kind, a remarkably effective facilitator of personal and professional growth – truly a “therapist’s therapist.” (Deborah Brenner-Liss, PhD., psychotherapist, author, teacher, clinic director)


Alidra is that rare facilitator who combines the training of a highly skilled therapist with the intuitive courage of an artist. Her approach is empathetic, generous and empowering. She has a gift for discerning what is possible within the individual and is skilled at supporting the complex changes that lead to its  expression.” (Ida Uplander, M.S., counselor, health clinic director)