Therapy Options

When you come to me for therapy, we evaluate together the form and frequency of therapy that can best suit your needs.

I work primarily in four different formats:

1. Short-Term Therapy for Individuals and Couples. Short-term therapy can be extremely helpful during a crisis or major upset – or when an event wakes you up to what’s not working in your life. You may need to take stock and re-evaluate and re-envision your direction in life.

In 6-to-12 weekly sessions, we can clarify what is not working for you, widen your sense of new possibilities, begin defining what you want, and create strategies for moving forward.

Some problems that lend themselves to a short term approach include:

Communication impasses with coworkers or friends. Job performance difficulties. Redefining career goals. Creative blocks. Medical diagnosis. Life transitions. Anxiety and stress. Residual accident trauma.

2. Ongoing Integrative Therapy can support your healing and growth if you have struggled with:

Effects of childhood abuse, trauma or neglect. Chronic depression, anxiety, shame, guilt. Are highly self critical and find it difficult to name feelings, needs and desires. Grew up with narcissistic parents. Have avoided pain and numbed out through various forms of addiction (food, alcohol, sex, love addiction).

It’s especially useful for people who can feel easily overwhelmed, have difficulty trusting and need to move slowly through the process of exploration and change.

With weekly or twice weekly sessions, we work together using various therapeutic modalities to resolve your more longstanding persistently difficult problems. While most of the time therapy sessions are in person, telephone and online video therapy are available when in person sessions are not possible.

3. Online Video Conferencing Talk Therapy offers you the same support as regular talk therapy with the added advantage of bringing me right into your living room or work space. It can be a helpful adjunct to regular sessions when work pressures and life demands make it impossible to attend sessions in person. We can also use Video Talk Therapy as the preferred format for ongoing therapy if you are frequently on the road, home bound or live in a remote area with limited access to my type of services. A confidential MP3 audio recording can be made of your session that you can review at any time after our session is completed.

4. Personal Therapy Intensives. The Personal Therapy Intensive is a highly focused intensive form of short-term therapy that can produce the kinds of shifts in feelings, thinking and behavior that usually require a year or more of weekly therapy. It is depth oriented, efficient, achieves results and can be highly productive and motivating.

Ranging from sessions 3 hours in length to longer formats of 6 to 10 hours spread over a few days, the Intensives are designed to help you break through the thorniest of difficulties so that you can move forward with energy and zest in your life. This approach is for highly motivated people in transition who are on the edge of a threshold involving a major change, people who want to jump start a new phase of life and find their next best step.

“Our sessions were rich and meaningful and are still working in me. I am seeing with a clarity I haven’t had before and feel able to move forward to make some real changes. I am no longer stuck.” – (Hedge fund manager)

To take the first step toward getting help, call or email me: Telephone: 212-245-2342.