Personal Therapy Intensives

You do not have to spend years in therapy to come to grips with the essence of a problem and begin to implement change.

What if you can accomplish a year’s work of therapy in a short concentrated period of time?

Personal Therapy Intensives with Alidra Solday, LCSW

The Personal Therapy Intensive is a highly focused, efficient, intensive form of short-term therapy that can produce the kind of shifts in feeling, thinking and behavior that usually require a year or more of weekly therapy. It is depth oriented, time limited, and achieves results. This condensed way of working can be highly productive and motivating.

This is your own one-on-one personal workshop customized to help you move forward in your life. In a series of 3.5 hour sessions spanning 3-7 days, you can break through the thorniest of difficulties and move forward with energy and zest in your life.

Who is this for?

The Personal Therapy Intensive is for highly motivated people in transition who are on the edge of a threshold involving a major change—people who want to jump start a new phase of life and find their next best step.

This work is appropriate for:

  • Successful business people experiencing difficulty in personal relationships, or who want to rebalance their lives
  • Creatives who are stalled or blocked in their creative process
  • Anyone experiencing high anxiety, and intensive bouts of self-criticism that interfere with realizing their full potential
  • People suffering from a specific fear or phobia such as fear of flying, agoraphobia, social phobia, or fear of speaking in meetings. Even fear of attachment and intimacy can shift substantially.

“Our sessions were rich and meaningful and are still working in me. I am seeing with a clarity I haven’t had before and feel able to move forward to make some real changes. I am no longer stuck.”— (Investment manager)

Working intensively within a condensed period of time, we can understand the core issues you present and grasp the essence of what is holding you back from fully being the person you want to be.

Whatever your goal, in a short time we can create a profound shift in your experience of yourself and how you connect with your world. You can reach the place inside yourself where you are free to implement change and move forward.

The Personal Therapy Intensive is a stand-alone therapy that can be a constructive one-time experience or can be utilized up to six times a year as “tune ups” to focus on different themes in your life.

Practical, efficient and accessible, it can also be used as a supplement to ongoing therapy at times when you want to accelerate growth and change.

I offer these intensives in New York City, at a retreat center in the Berkshires, and on the west coast.

What is included in my Personal Therapy Intensive?

When you book a Personal Therapy Intensive, you will fill out an application form and have one complimentary introductory 45-minute phone consultation to evaluate whether this way of working suits your needs. Occasionally, a second phone session may be needed to complete our evaluation. If we decide that a therapy intensive is not the best way to address your issue, I will recommend an approach or method that may be a better fit, and assist you with a referral.

If we decide to proceed, homework will be given to be completed before we meet in person. At the conclusion of our intensive sessions together, we will schedule time to help you integrate what you’ve learned into your daily life. Additional suggestions will be discussed, along with follow-up telephone sessions to check on your progress and assist you in continuing to move forward.


The Personal Therapy Intensive is a very powerful opportunity to transform your way of being in the world, and as such, it asks for a significant commitment from both of us.

There are three different options for these Intensives:

The Mini Intensive. This includes:

  • A three hour face-to-face session with a follow-up phone session to review progress and provide additional support.

The Weekend Intensive. This includes:

  • Six 60-minute face-to-face sessions scheduled over two days.
  • One 45-minute follow-up phone session to review assigned homework, and help you integrate what you have learned into your daily life as you move forward.

The Extended Intensive. This includes:

  • Ten 60-minute face-to-face sessions grouped in units of 3.5 hours per day over a span of 4-7 days.
  • Two 45-minute follow-up phone sessions to check in on your progress following our intensive, to review assigned homework practice and provide additional support as you move forward.
  • A CD or set of printed handouts reviewing the main points covered in our work together, including homework for practice on your own.

Further follow-up sessions are available on request. Alternatively, you can choose ongoing therapy at a negotiated rate to further your development. Contact me for more information about options and rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can such a concentrated approach really have lasting results or is it like a gourmet meal, good while you’re tasting it, and then it’s over? Do the old habits reassert themselves soon after the intensive is done?
A. I can only say that feedback from clients indicate that they “never would have gone to such depths in the usual weekly session format,” that the clarity they gained was “like looking through a clean lens for the first time,” and that “self awareness increased to a whole new level which has lasted.”

Q. Is the work scary? Do I end up feeling totally vulnerable without my usual coping mechanisms?
A. Because I value working slowly and carefully in any given moment, tuning into your experience and pacing, you will feel extremely safe, deeply affirmed and acknowledged. This is important to me because our relationship is the context in which you develop connection and compassion towards yourself.

Q. Are you available for telephone support after the intensive is finished?
A. Yes. In addition to homework suggested to you for practice after our intensive, I recommend scheduling follow up phone check-in times to address questions and provide added support. These calls are included as part of the Personal Therapy Intensive Package.

If you are interested in finding out more about Personal Therapy Intensives and whether they could be right for you, please click here to contact me. For information on other therapy options, click here.