Whether you have just relocated and are new in town, are going through a separation or divorce, want to change careers, or simply want to move through life with a greater sense of purpose, it may be important to take stock of your life to ensure that your relationships, work and lifestyle authentically reflect and express your values and sense of what is meaningful. I work with individuals around transition and change.

You may be 28, 40 or 75. Much of the transition process is similar. It requires:

. Accepting and forming an ending to what is no longer working for you.
. Developing strategies for coping with the difficult and confusing
experience of not knowing exactly where you are headed.
. Redefining what has heart and meaning for you, what brings you
creative satisfaction and joy.
. Creating a new beginning by doing the stepwise work of moving in the
direction of what you really want and value.

It is never too late. As someone who has worked in multiple careers, lived on both coasts, learned the craft of filmmaking later in life and produced an award-winning documentary, I understand the process of reinventing yourself and moving through transition and change.

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