There is a drive within you to be your real self and actualize the unique person that you are, to be the most you can be.

When you honor this drive by living in accord with your authentic self, many challenges arise along the way. You may encounter messages from a highly restrictive upbringing or cultural judgements, and real barriers that arouse fears of what might happen if you follow your heart.

And it is especially difficult if you suffer from chronic self doubt and a sense of inadequacy that overrides feelings of success from actual achievements. Sometime self doubt results in your downplaying your accomplishments and your feeling like a fake or imposter.

The challenge of personal authenticity is to have the courage to live a life of your own – inner directed, autonomous, continually responsive to and expressive of the unfolding inclinations of your own deepest nature.

I can support you in your efforts to become your own person, to learn the skills of self contact, self acceptance and self compassion, the ingredients necessary to companion yourself with kindness through your life. We can comprehend your gifts, clarify your values, and enhance your ability to experience the power of your own presence in the moment. As your personal autonomy and agency grows, you will increasingly be able to commit your abilities and resources to the authentic life you choose to live.

If you want support in creating an authentic life, contact me by email: or by telephone: 212-245-2342.