My Approach

Working with Individuals

I am eclectic in my approach, and use methods that are depth oriented and help people make headway on their problems right from the start.

How many times have you said: “I know better, but I keep making the same mistakes and behaviors over and over again.” That’s because habits of thinking, emotion and behavior are wired into our physiology.

I favor working with your present felt experience and view the body as a valuable source of information about “the self”, particularly parts of your self that have been denied. I listen to your spoken words as well as your body and nonverbal expressions, gently guiding you in the practice of mindful attention to your present “here and now” experience. In this way we can discover through your direct experience old rules, decisions, beliefs and emotional patterns that have been operating outside your conscious awareness, organizing your experience in ways that no longer serve you. You learn to access a state of heightened awareness (mindfulness) so that you can pay close attention to your whole felt experience, welcoming everything. With warmth, support and compassion, we work together to provide whatever you emotionally need to move forward in your life.

With my holistic approach, you will deepen your capacity for self reflection, understanding and self compassion, release old patterns, and tap into your strengths and resourcefulness.

“My time with Alidra resulted in enormous personal growth. It is rare to find a therapist with such skill and experience combined with great personal sensitivity and intuition. She always held me accountable and I felt incredibly supported. I am truly grateful that I found her.” — photographer/instructor

Working with Couples

I work with couples to identify and cut through negative interaction cycles and to access underlying emotions and needs. I honor each person, working to increase empathy and to improve communication. As your awareness of your own attachment needs and habitual responses grows, you develop the skills that allow your relationship to grow in closeness and connection. I favor working with present moment experience in the session, using an Emotionally Focused Therapy approach.

“Paula and I got engaged a couple of weeks ago. It was a beautiful engagement and we’re still celebrating with friends and family. We’re both certain that coming to see you was a big part of how we got to where we are today and I want to thank you for all your help – and to reiterate our plans to keep coming going forward. Thanks again for everything.”