Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety, especially if it is ongoing or escalates into panic, can be exhausting, keeping you on high alert without any reprieve. You may even worry and become “anxious about being anxious”. You may feel depleted by panic attacks and the kind of insomnia that arises from being physically over-stimulated or in a state of emergency, with racing thoughts and inability to slow down and relax.

You have probably tried everything: medication, meditation, and a variety of stress reduction techniques. Some of these methods may have helped.

I teach several techniques that work to reduce anxiety and facilitate self soothing and grounding.

When dealing with anxiety it is especially effective to work within the safety of a therapeutic relationship. I educate and work with my clients around hyper-vigilance and consciously regulated physiological arousal, including what may be the residue of complex trauma that may need to be processed in therapy.

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