Relationship Difficulties

You know how it is. Sometimes communication breaks down with your partner, your co-worker, or a friend and you just don’t know how to mend the conflict and move on together. You may make repeated attempts to discuss the conflict and the impasse only gets worse. You may even have decided that the situation is hopeless and begun to withdraw.

You may want help to examine the workings of your relationship, identify what’s happening and become aware of what part each of you plays in the dynamic between you. This can increase your chances of being heard and having your needs met.

As you learn to let go of your need to explain or defend yourself, you can learn effective ways to get to know your partner more deeply, develop empathy for your partner’s point of view, and ask for what you need. I have taught hundreds of adults the nuts and bolts of empathic communication. I can support you as you learn the skills you need to help your relationship improve and continue to grow.

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